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Success at this years W18 Exhibition

Published on Friday, November 02, 2018 in News

JMJ Woodworking Machinery: the well know family run business which supplies new & used classical woodworking machinery throughout the UK have just returned from a successful W18 Exhibition, Craig Cairns their sales manager said "this years show had been one of the best they've had at the NEC"


Already and established SCM main dealer JMJ where sited opposite SCM at the show which allowed us to transfer customers easily between the two stands.

At the show we demonstrated our new product range the Houfek sanding machines which come in various forms including horizontal and vertical belt machines, oscillating bobbin sanders and through feed sanders.


The Harwi classical range of equipment which fills in gaps in the types of machines we offer, with Harwi heavy duty crosscut saws, ripsaws and trenching machines on display.   Additionally the new heavy duty trenching machine which JMJ in collaboration with Harwi has now been produced. The Harwi heavy duty 450w crosscut saw has a huge depth of cut at 205mm and comes with angle facility, powered tilting head, & rotating turntable with LED readouts.  Customers particularly liked the universal trenching machine which is a variation of this crosscut and comes with extra wide guarding, giving it the ability to trench up to 30mm wide in one pass without compromising on safety, it can also be easily switched from a crosscut saw to trencher without having to alter this guarding.


At the show the demonstration of Omec dovetailing machines went well we where able to show the easy way to manufacture dovetail joints, Omec machines offer true versatility as they are able to produce a variety of different dovetail joints with different pitches all at the touch of a button.  Omec dovetailers enable manufacturers to choose a dovetail machine which best suits their production level from the 650m manual machine to the CNC controlled machines which give flexibility over the rate of production whilst maintaining a quality finish when using different timbers.  There are 3 CNC models available the 650A which is suitable for the smaller manufacturer and the 750CN both have a CNC system designed to allow the user to vary the pitch, number & depth of joints, feed speed and tool variations.  To the F11TS a CNC controlled machine which meets the needs of heavy production situations allowing the manufacture of different pitches, variable feed rates and alteration to the joint, at the touch of a button. We also offer Omecs unique F9TS combined milling sand mitre machines for door casings, corner locking machinesand pendulum crosscuts. 


Kreg pocket hole drilling machines where also exhibited they provide an easy way to drill either an individual or a series of stepped holes.  Enabling users to create a secure screwed butt joint which can be hidden or covered with a cap.  John Jenkinson our managing director says “The Kreg drills are one of those products which customers are not aware of and half the battle is letting them see what they are capable of doing, demonstrating them gives us the opportunity to do this”.  


Futura machines are the next generation of 4 sided Planer/Moulders being 100% Italian manufactured offering high quality, specification and reliability at an excellent price which resulted in us selling several at the show.  Even the smaller standard machines come with an unprecedented specification including; powered rise & fall, individual motors, poly vee belt drive, bed lubrication, long infeed tables & tersa cutter blocks. This makes the machines an excellent choice for small to medium sized companies. 


We have had the Putsch Meniconi wallsaws agency for many years, they are a robust machine which can be manufactured to the customers specification.  Customers looking for a smaller unit which is built to a heavier specification found the Putsch “baby” is ideal for there use.


Completing the line up on the W18 stand was an Omga heavy duty mitre saw along with a selection of refurbished Wadkin machines.

If any of these or other machines are of interest just give us a ring 01482 84013 or enquire via our contact page.



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